Selling an apartment is one of the biggest decisions in life. That is why it should be carefully considered and planned. When the selling decision has been made, you probably want the best possible price for your apartment. You also want that the sale goes securely without unpleasant surprises. You probably also want the apartment to be sold as fast as possible.


Selling a property is surprisingly time-consuming. Finding a buyer when selling a property in Gran Canaria is not the hardest part. Getting the apartment deal to go smoothly and according to plan is solely cause for challenge.

Many sales fall through due to different misunderstandings, missing documents, delays or other bureaucratic issues.

Even though the laws and regulations regarding property deals are clear and the deals are safe in Gran Canaria, there are lots of things to figure out.

You need to have documents showing that the seller is the legal owner of the property and report encumbrances on the property. Are there mortgages, debts, unpaid taxes or housing cooperative fees for example. If there are, you need to figure out beforehand how to deal with them. You need to check that the buyers financing is in order before signing the contract of sale. If the buyer is not a resident, extra information is needed. My job is to make sure that the buying and selling of the apartment goes smoothly and both parts are satisfied.


If you are thinking about selling a property In Gran Canaria, I will help you find a suitable buyer.

1) I will give you a realistic price estimate free of charge. Many real estate agents give way too high estimates on apartments. This is because they want to be the ones to sell your apartment. This kind of action will only drag out the selling time of the apartment and it won’t necessarily be sold at all.
An apartment’s selling price is influenced by the location, development plans in the area, traffic communication, the floor plan as well as the condition of the apartment and housing cooperative. Naturally, the general financial situation and the demand on the housing market influence the price also.

2) I will make a sales plan with you. Professional pictures are taken of the apartment. Sales advertisements are placed on Spanish web pages and international real estate pages.

3) Working for Remax I have the support of a large office when selling property and a wide partner network. Remax is an internationally known and reputable real estate agency.
Buyer around the world contact Remax when they want to buy an apartment in Gran Canaria.

4) Besides Spanish and English, I speak Finnish, Estonian and Russian fluently. This way I can service international buyers in their own language. Your apartment can also be marketed actively in for example Finland, Russia or Ukraine.
Remax has real estate agents with different language skills and this way we can negotiate with buyers interested in your apartment in their own language. Nowadays more and more foreigners buy apartments in Las Palmas.

5) I will make sure that the required documents and papers are in order, so that the sale can be verified at a notary.

NB! You will not be charged, if there is no sale!


Normal in Las Palmas: the apartment has been for sale for a long time but you can’t find a buyer. Sometimes there has been an open house for potential buyers but never more than that. Sometimes nobody even asks to see the apartment. Usually the problem is one of the following:


Proper pricing is the base of apartment deals. The price of the apartment is affected by the expected growth in the area, the situation of the apartment market, the state and location of the apartment as well as coming and performed renovations in the housing cooperative. What is a reasonable asking price? The price can be hard to estimate without experience in the field. A professional real estate agent knows the apartment market. They have statistics of previously sold similar apartments and fulfilled selling prices at their disposal. Prices can vary largely between a newly renovated apartment and an apartment in original condition in the same house. If there are many apartments for sale in the same house or on the same street, the price goes down. A professional real estate agent can give you a realistic price estimate of your apartment based on the above-mentioned aspects. When the price is reasonable to start with, not too low and not too high, selling is easier.


Apartment buyers see tens of ads on real estate web pages daily. If the pictures give an impression of a dark and shabby apartment or there isn’t enough information about the apartment, a potential buyer might not bother to ask more. What does a good ad look like? Its purpose is to tempt someone to buy something. The ad gives the buyer a first impression of the apartment. Pictures: The picture quality has to be good and present the best parts of the apartment. The light in the pictures must be good. Unnecessary furniture and decorations should be put away. Text: The introductory text should be as comprehensive as possible. In addition to the basic information it should contain the strengths of the apartment; a good layout, location or view for example. The ad should also include coming and fulfilled renovations in the housing cooperative.


Sometimes potential buyers won’t even notice an ad. If an apartment is sold only on the internet on real estate pages, it might drown in other similar ads. Especially if there are many ads at the same time. How to succeed in marketing?

Sales ads: They should be on many real estate pages. The text and pictures should be of good quality. New ads get the most attention and that’s why you should invest in the quality of the ad right at the start. If the ad has been up for months, it will make buyers think there is something wrong with the apartment because it hasn’t been sold yet. Social media is also a good place to advertise. Professional real estate agents can also place ads on international sites.

Networks: A dedicated real estate agents has partners and networks that can be benefited from when looking for a buyer.

Apartment showing: The apartment should be cleaned and smell fresh during the showing. Unnecessary items and decorations should be hidden. The lightning should also be in order. Even if large renovations are not recommended when selling an apartment, styling the apartment is. For example, the walls could be painted a neutral colour.

Real estate agent: A good real estate agent sells the apartment rather than shows it. They will be actively selling the apartment. They look over the ads and marketing and has great negotiation skills.


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